10 Intangible Gift Ideas for Memorable Occasions

Intangible gifts are one the most preferred gift options for memorable occasions.Some people like these kinds of gifts more than the gifts which have physical presence.Material gifts can be like flower arrangements,cakes,gift hampers etc.Material gifts are perishable and the enjoyment received from the intangible gifts will last long.Below are the intangible gift ideas which you can gift your loved ones.

A Spa day or Spa membership:

A day at a Spa or a Spa membership can be a good intangible gift idea which you can give someone. Your loved one will surely feel special by getting this type of relaxing treatment. This will be a very good treat to working people who usually get exhausted with their work.



Subscription to Hobby class:

Subscribing to a new class will be a nice thing. There are different options to which you can do enrollment. Some types of classes can be a pottery class, painting class, cooking class etc

Music Concert Tickets:

This will be the best gift idea for music loving family and friends. You can gift your dear ones with music concert tickets of their favorite band. They will surely have a great experience.



Stargazing or Planetarium trip:

You can just have a good time with your loved one on any special occasion by looking at the starry sky from the terrace.It will be an awesome experience by gazing at the wonderful shining stars. If you don’t find that starry sky then go to a Planetarium to enjoy the dark sky with shining stars.

Dinner at a Restaurant:

Food definitely brings people together. Pick a favorite restaurant and go with your loved one to have dinner. This will be a great place to catch up and a gift worth giving.



Organise a Surprise Party:

A surprise party for your loved one will be a good intangible gift idea.Organise some party games, their favorite food and drinks. Don’t forget to have a cake. This will surely be liked by your loved one.

Prized possession restoration:

If you can restore an old car and gift it to your loved one then this will be a good idea.Find a way to restore an old jewellery or an old watch as this will also be a good gift option to your loved one.



Gift them a pet:

Gifting someone a pet will also be a good idea. This will be a very great gift idea.You can present this gift to your loved one and they will surely admire this one. There is one thing that the receiver should be a pet lover.

A Netflix Subscription:

This will be one of the great gifts to your loved one. The name itself is self-explanatory. Gift your loved ones a year’s subscription of Netflix or any other platform of their choice. They can enjoy watching their favorite shows, movies, sports etc and will definitely love this gift.



Video from family and friends:

This is one of the most thoughtful gifting idea.You can make a video of family and friends telling something about your loved one and then you can surprise your loved one by showing this video.This will surely make your loved one cheerful.

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